We provide individual, couple and family counselling or referral services for women.

WEEKLY OUTREACHThe Rahab outreach team visits various massage parlours throughout Toronto, offering services and help for the women working in them. The women are embraced with smiles and warmth. Small gifts are given to them as a gesture of love and care. Over time, relationships are built, with opportunities for deeper conversations on their lives and their faith.

ESL TUTORINGWHAT WE DO-01Free one-on-one conversational ESL classes are provided for youth, women, and family members. This can be a strong starting point for the women, many whom are recent immigrants that are still adjusting to culture and language.


Often many of those working in this field are put in tough situations in which they are unprepared for. Rahab helps to provide necessary support for youth, women, and family members in emergency situations. For human trafficking victims, immediate help such as shelter, physical, emotional, social, and financial support is given.


We refer our clients to credible immigration and legal consultants or lawyers, as a way of providing a resource that the women do not often have access to.

SUPPORT GROUPSIn our support group, women can explore their faith and meaning of life in a friendly and engaging group setting. The topic of religion can be freely discussed without judgment, allowing for a mature and meaningful dialogue between friends and strangers.

VOLUNTEER GROUPWHAT WE DO-07Women from all walks of life can volunteer and work side by side to help the poor, homeless, and neglected in Toronto. In addition to making a positive contribution to your community, this is a self-enriching opportunity. There are many ways in which you can volunteer.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTSWHAT WE DO-08Experienced workers from our ministry speak at churches, schools, and other community spaces to raise awareness and share our in-depth knowledge on the issue of prostitution and sex trafficking.

We provide short-term living arrangements for women and children at risk of immediate harm. For more information please contact Rahab Ministry staff directly.