Services We Provide


Crisis Management

Often many of those working in the sex trade are put in tough situations in which they are unprepared for. Rahab provides necessary support for youth, women, and family members in emergency situations, and helping them leaving the sex trade for good. Immediate help such as shelter, physical, emotional, social, and financial support is given to those in need.


Individual and Family Counselling Services

We provide professional counselling and referral services for women and their families to address their personal, emotional, mental, social and financial needs. Counselling Services are free or substantially subsidized for approved clients.


WrapAround Care

WrapAround Circles of Care, an individually directed trauma-informed team based planning process, identifying and utilizing the strengths of all team members, in developing a plan so that the individuals and/or families receive support, identify important life goals, feel empowered and are integrated into community and/or a local church.


Weekly Outreach

The Rahab outreach team visits various massage parlours throughout Toronto, offering services and help for the women working in them. The women are embraced with smiles and warmth. Small gifts are given to them as a gesture of love and care. Over time, relationships are built, with opportunities for deeper conversations on their lives and their faith.


Community Service Opportunities

Women from all walks of life volunteer and work side by side to help the poor, homeless, and neglected in the city. Through these service opportunities, women not only make a positive contribution to their community but also enrich their wellbeing and self-worth.  We provide a variety of serving opportunities to suit individual preferences.


Immigration Resources

We refer our clients to credible immigration and legal consultants or lawyers, as a way of providing resources that the women do not often have access to.


ESL Tutoring

Free one-on-one conversational ESL classes are provided for youth, women, and family members. This can be a strong starting point for the women, many whom are recent immigrants that are still adjusting to culture and language.


Speaking Engagements

Experienced workers from our ministry speak at churches, schools, and other community spaces to raise awareness and share our in-depth knowledge on the issue of prostitution and sex trafficking.

rahab from the bible

Rahab from the Bible

Her story embodies hope for women in the sex trade. Rahab turns from her way of life to seek inclusion from the people of God. She saves the lives of the Israelite spies. They promise to preserve her whole family during the invasion of Jericho if Rahab ties a scarlet cord through a window in her home.  

For this reason, the letter to the Hebrews includes Rahab among the exemplars of faith (Hebrews 11:31) and she is commended as righteous in the book of James (James 2:25-26).

Rahab Ministry (Toronto)

In January 2009, Joanna Yee heard the Lord call her to imitate Him and be a friend of prostitutes. She founded Rahab Ministry in 2009 and started massage parlour outreach in December 2009. By 2015, the ministry had reached more than 800 women working in the sex trade.

In its infancy, the ministry worked together with Christian Aid & Relational Evangelism Inc. (C.A.R.E. Inc.). C.A.R.E Inc. is a charitable Christian organization started in March 1990. The goal of the organization is to serve and evangelize to Asians who, due to some circumstances, are unable to attend church activities.

Rahab Ministry is currently a program under Youth Unlimited, serving people of all races, faiths, economic levels, and cultural backgrounds.

The Rahab Team


Rev. Joanna Yee

Program Founder & Director

Joanna is an ordained minister of Evangelical Christian Church in Canada and graduated from Tyndale Seminary with a MDiv degree. She was convinced that the gospel of Jesus Christ is carried out in both words and deeds. The parable of the Sheep and the Goats (Matt 25: 31- 46) charges all Christians to serve the least in the society. Joanna takes this command to heart.


Caroline Co Chien

Associate Director

Caroline’s passion for the vulnerable was drawn by the love and compassion of Jesus Christ for the underprivileged and disdained. Her experiences with the vulnerable drove her desire to volunteer at Rahab Ministry and now as a full time Ministry Worker, reaching out to sex workers in the GTA, building relationships with those who are impacted by or in imminent risk of entering the sex trade.

Julie Chu

Registered Social Worker

Julie immigrated to Canada in 2022. She is a registered social worker with over 15 years of experience helping marginalized youth in Hong Kong, and God has called her to serve young women in the sex trade. Her desire is to bring the love and hope of Christ to them, journey with them, connect them to the community and empower them to step out of the darkness to explore other possibilities and exit the sex trade.

Lily Su

Rahab Intern

Lily has volunteered at Rahab Ministry since 2011, and God has called her to continue serving as an Intern through Jesus. She wants to bring joy and peace to women in the sex trade and, ultimately, help these women break free from their darkness.


Rahab Ministry operates as a program under Youth Unlimited. For over 65 years, Youth Unlimited (Toronto YFC) has been imparting God’s love, truth, and hope to young people from all walks of life regardless of race, faith, economic level, or cultural background. Please visit yugta.ca for more information.

Get Involved Today

We are in need of mature adults who have big hearts for serving women and youth, helping them attain their full potential through a relationship with Jesus Christ. You will be able to witness people grow through your influence; and gain valuable ministry, training, and community service experience.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below and we will notify you should opportunity arise in the future.

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